Bio Strategy Advisors is a strategic business consulting firm servicing small and medium-sized Biotech companies in the Massachusetts area.

We specialize in:

  • Start-up corporate strategy

  • Strategic partnerships and M&A transactions

  • Alliance establishment

  • Licensing and full-service distribution deals

  • Early-round fund-raising from institutional investors, VC’s or angel investors

  • Clinical development program planning

  • Commercial planning

  • Geographical expansion

  • Go-to-market models

  • Patient advocacy

  • Market access

  • Product launch strategy

We provide:

  • Extensive experience in specialty therapeutics and/or orphan drugs/rare diseases.

  • Deep expertise in developing the strategy for geographical expansion and determining go-to-market models for a solid global footprint.

  • Assistance in finding and selecting partners for licensing full-service distribution, or 3PLs in the different regions (US, EU, Canada, Asia, LATAM).

  • Advice on structuring deal terms, definitive agreements, and initial alliance management.


"Bio Strategy Advisors' mission is to facilitate the creation of start-ups in the healthcare space and propelling the growth of biotech companies by providing strategic advisory and contributing more than 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Our passion is to bring innovative technologies or therapies to patients in need around the world." 

Carolina Alarco

Founder and Principal, Bio Strategy Advisors LLC

Founding Venture Partner, AccelHUB Venture Partners

Co-Founder, Latinos in Bio

Carolina Alarco has more than 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Carolina has built a reputation for strategically building markets for rare diseases globally and successfully launching several orphan drugs. She is a dynamic, global, and well-regarded senior executive in the life sciences industry. She has a keen business acumen and relentless focus on execution, consistently delivering results.

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